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Iowa's Largest Frying Pan

Brandon, Iowa

The Iowa state contender for largest pan in the world oddly only comes in second or so. 


Believe it or not the title of largest frying pan in the world has a surprising number of claimants. However the massive skillet erected in Brandon, Iowa seems content simply being the largest in the state.

Following in the footsteps of other such giant pans in Delaware, Washington, and elsewhere, all looking to attract tourists and spark interest in the town. Brandon’s pan was specifically built to promote their recurring “Cowboy Breakfast” fundraisers which generally use cast iron hot plates to do their cooking.  The “Cowboy Breakfast” is the third Sunday every September and the proceeds go to the maintenance of the community center.  The piece of novelty cookery was designed to be the world’s largest pan, but after they found that they were three inches smaller that the world’s largest frying pan in Washington, they settled on just claiming to be the largest in Iowa. The giant metal pan weighs 1,200 pounds and stands almost 15 feet tall.  

The pan also advertises a number surprisingly specific cooking abilities. According to signs near the roadside attraction the pan can cook at any one time 528 eggs or 88 pounds of bacon or 440 hamburgers. Yet despite these claims, Iowa’s favorite pan has yet to feed even one cowboy.

Know Before You Go

It's outside of the Brandon Community Center.

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