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Jablanac, Croatia

Jablanac Shipwreck

The remains of a sunken WWII military ship wreck visible through clear water. 

One hour’s walk from the Jablanac port the remains of a German WWII ship can be seen in just a few meters of clear water in Zavratnica bay.


Know Before You Go

Stopping at the last hairpin bend on your way down to Jablanca will save you some time, there is a trail leading down to the path towards the ship, be cautious though, slippery and loose rocks on the trail. It is a 20-30 min walk to the ship with a nice view of the bay. About 200 meters from the ship is a small "ticket house" where you have to pay 20kn for a ticket to get access to the bay and the ship. The area where the ship is located is a national park, hence the fee to enter.

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