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Jättegrytan i Skarpnäck (Skarpnäck Giant's Kettle)

Skarpnäcks Gård, Sweden

This hole formed by a glacier is the largest and best-preserved of its kind in Stockholm. 


Giant kettles are round holes that date back to the ice age, created by melting glacier water pushing rocks against the bedrock. The distribution of these kettles varies heavily from place to place, as the right conditions are needed with both glacier size, available rocks, and proper bedrock beneath.

Stockholm has a hand full of these kettles (including one located in the basement of a courthouse), but this one is the largest and best-preserved. This specific kettle was discovered in 1925 when the road was being built. Its size spans more than a meter and it reaches a depth of 1.4 meters. 

The kettle is full of water most of the time, which makes it hard to recognize on-site. Fortunately, the sign and fence draw enough attention. Its central stone is still present and can be felt by poking the pit with a stick. 

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Its freely accessible and about a 10 minute walk from Skarpnäck.

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