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Jim Dickerman's Open Range Zoo

Grassroots Art Center

A Kansas grassroots sculptor decorates the local roadways with his sculptures made from found objects. 


Jim Dickerman’s art is legendary in the Lincoln County region of Kansas. Every creation has a storyline woven within it.

Dickerman is a grassroots sculptor located just outside of Lincoln, Kansas who has decorated the local roadways with his large and small scale sculptures. His artworks have been fabricated from found objects — old farm equipment, car parts, scrap metal, animal bones and feathers, driftwood, limestone, and antlers which he paints and often includes reflective qualities as well. Dickerman is a featured artist with the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, Kansas.

Know Before You Go

Driving instructions start on Highway 18 in Lucas, Kansas, and move east, then travel on Highway 14 starting in Lincoln, moving south to I-70. Here are where you can find sculptures (* – Indicates a night active sculpture with movement and light): 

  • Grassroots Art Center – 213 S. Main Street, Lucas (Jim’s work is displayed along with many other grassroots artists)

  • Scoop Dig It – Bowl Plaza, Main Street, Lucas (between Jim’s Wheel of Heritage and Prehistoric Spacecraft

  • Grassness Monster – Intersection of Main Street and Highway 18, Lucas

  • Wow Flower – North Wolf Street, in the yard of the last house on right before Highway 18

  • Grassroots Bird – Intersection of Highway 18 and Highway 232, just east of Lucas Highway 18, between Lucas and Lincoln

  • * Super Bug –South side of Highway 18 between mile markers 83 and 84

  • Dream Dragon Breakout – Northeast corner of Highway 18 and 14, Lincoln

  • Witch and Monkey – One-half mile east on Highway 18, on the north side

  • Bird Is a Bird – Just past Witch and Monkey

  • Internal Flame of Peace – Just past Bird Is a Bird

  • Peace – Where Lincoln Avenue meets Highway 18, by the cemetery and the park, Lincoln

  • Tall Man – East Court St, across the street from the Carnegie Lincoln Library

  • 2 Flowers –South of the Library on S. 3rd St., and by the police station on N. 2nd

  • Peace Collector – Between 1st and 2nd on Lincoln Avenue

  • Horse Shoe Sign – On a tree at the Horse Shoe Range, Lincoln Park, Highway 18 between Lincoln and Beverly

  • Rufus – Mile marker 101, south side, on a wall in the distance

  • Pasture Parrot – mile marker 102, south side of Highway 18

  • Debdacto – Mile marker 106 (flying), south side of Highway 18

  • Headless Dream Dragon Harvester – Mile marker 106, north side of Highway 18

  • * Sky Pony – Mile marker 107, north side of Highway 18

  • Draco – Mile marker 108, north side of Highway 18, Beverly

  • In Memory of Bernadette (Bernie) Anderson – Highway 252, Beverly

  • Flash –South Christie Street, by neighborhood watch sign, east of Tescott

  • Power Hawk – Mile marker 113, north side of Highway 14

  • Tin Man and Bird in a Tree – West side of Highway 14 at Lost Street

  • Marauder and Dino Bird – Mile marker 182, Highway 14 (1¼ miles south of 18/14 junction), east side, in a field

  • * World Peace Guy – Mile marker 182 Highway 14 (1½ miles South of the 18/14 junction), look up

  • * Dream Dragon – Mile marker 181, Highway 14 (2 miles south of the 18/14 junction), east side

  • * Lot Lizard – Mile marker 181, Highway 14 (2¼ miles south of 18/14 junction), west side

  • Stone Flowers – Mile marker 181, Highway 14 (2½ miles south of 18/14 junction), along east ditch

  • * Gasasaurus and Dino – Just above Stone Flowers

  • * Rotorooter – Just by Stone Flowers (small, green, and orange)

  • * Red Bird – Mile marker 181, Highway 14 (a block length south of Lot Lizard), west side

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