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Jim Morrison Mural

Legendary frontman of the Doors looms in this giant mural by famed Venice muralist, Rip Cronk. 


Muralist Rip Cronk is a legend in Venice Beach, and his work can be seen all over town. A colorful mix of mythology, Van Gogh-inspired scenery, and counter-culture icons, his work IS Venice, in all of its weird glory.

Perhaps one of Cronk’s more striking works however, is one of the simplest of images – a towering likeness against a plain background of another legend of Venice, Jim Morrison.

The sultry frontman for the Doors, the dark, psychedelic rock band that scandalized the 60s, remains one of the most captivating personalities in rock history. His morose, come-hither poetry and surly, hedonistic behavior encouraged almost cult-like worship from his fans and infuriated law enforcement and religious groups. A member of the “27 Club”, Morrison self-destructed early, leaving a pretty corpse, and will forever be remembered as the sulking, shirtless pied piper of the era of “anything goes”.

This vision of the charismatic singer is what Cronk has managed to capture and superimpose onto a brick alley wall. The three-story high, microphone wielding Morrison is pouting as usual, shoulders thrown back in lazy defiance, looking over the city that was once his decadent playground, before it all came crashing down.

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