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John Goodway Sycamore Tree

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

This massive sycamore tree has been labeled as one of the largest in the state.  


Once thought to be the largest American sycamore in the state of Pennsylvania, the John Goodway sycamore has long been overshadowed by taller or wider trees. It’s often obscured by various shrubs and its suburban surroundings. This tree is a giant nonetheless, deemed a “Champion tree” by the Pennsylvania Forestry Association. A title indicating that it’s one of the largest of its species in the entire state. 

The tree garnered its name from an indigenous American man, who was believed to be buried just 10 feet north of the tree, possibly of Shawnee or Susquehannock descent. However, not much else is known about the man. What information is available often portrays the historical bias of the period it was written. 

Although the tree is thought to be 400 years old, it’s believed it was planted in the region around 1795.

Know Before You Go

The tree is easily found in the field behind a Korean martial arts studio, just off of Linglestown Road. There are plenty of places to park nearby.