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Johnson Museum of the Odd

A lifetime's accumulation of bric-a-brac and kitsch. 

Sorry, Johnson Museum of the Odd is permanently closed.

Charlie Johnson, an eccentric citizen of Lincoln, Nebraska, has made a museum out of a lifetime’s accumulation of bric-a-brac and kitsch. His “Museum of the Odd” is run out of his home on a residential street not far from the University of Nebraska, and can be visited by appointment only.

Among the museum’s staggering holdings: a large collection of severed doll heads, plastic jack-o-lanterns, hundreds of Betamax videocassettes, religious memorabilia, toy tops, and miniature animals. The collections spill across every wall, surface, and crevice of his home, and are all meticulously organized. Says Johnson: “It’s hard for me to say what’s weird or what’s not, mostly because I’m right in the middle of it all.”

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