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Kalaloch Tree of Life

Olympic National Park

This large Sitka spruce that appears to be floating in mid-air, has defied logic for years.  


Also known as the Tree Root Cave, this giant spruce has survived despite erosion tearing away at its foundation. When you first see the tree, you’ll notice that despite its visible roots, its foliage remains as vibrant as ever. Beneath the roots is a small cave that plays host to a stream that carries out to the Pacific Ocean.

The tree is located in the Kalaloch Campground, near the Kalaloch Lodge. Thick, winding roots are how the tree clings to the coastal bluff beneath it. A stream flows through the cave, preventing any sediment from rebuilding around the roots and slowing widening the gap that lies underneath the tree.

Know Before You Go

Park at the Kalaloch Campground and take the stairs down to the beach. Head to the right and over the logs. You'll find the tree about 100 feet down the beach.

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