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Kammetal Workshop

Fabrication workshop where the encasement for One World Trade Center's beacon was constructed. 


In 2013 the talented craftsmen at Kammetal had the distinct honor of seeing their work reach new heights.

The then Red Hook-based fabrication firm was responsible for designing and constructing the glass and steel encasement for the spire that now sits atop became the tallest building in America.

The beacon at One World Trade Center is housed in a complex structure of glass and steel weighing in at around seven tons. The project was completed in 2013 and the finished product was lifted to its new home in a well-publicized event the following month.

From their East River-side location, Kammetal employees have a clear view of the continuing progress of One World Trade Center’s construction and their contribution to what will no doubt become an iconic piece of the New York City skyline. Elsewhere, Kammetal’s handiwork can be found in the form of handrails, furniture, lighting elements, and other architectural features in various locations around the city.



Know Before You Go

The New York City shop of the Connecticut firm is now located at 5-22 46th Avenue, in Long Island City, Queens.

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