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Kentwood Historical and Cultural Arts Museum

Kentwood, Louisiana

A small town museum honors local WWII veterans and the queen of pop who put it on the map. 


Located in a small, deteriorating, residential house, the Kentwood Historical and Cultural Arts Museum isn’t the flashiest museum in the world, but it certainly has the most devotion to Britney Spears.

With a population of only about 2,200, Kentwood, Louisiana doesn’t have a great deal of celebrity. However, hometown hero Britney Spears, who was born in the town in 1981, has enough celebrity to spare. As a way of honoring the singer, starstruck locals added four rooms’ worth of Britney worship to their small military exhibit. The historical portion of the museum contains a number of pictures of soldiers who had served in WWII alongside a number of small trinkets that they brought back. There is also a model battleship and a machine gun from the time. After that sober display, the rooms of Britney artifacts begin. There are numerous fan photos and a case with a smattering of the singer’s awards, although the case sits half-empty since Spears auctioned some of them off for charity. The museum also contains a light-up scale replica of Britney Spears’ stage from the “Dream within a Dream” tour which was single-handedly created by an Oregon man over sixth months. The final room on the tour is a spot-on recreation of Spears’ childhood bedroom where fans can see where it all began.

The museum is free of charge. The Spears family is a big supporter of the museum. They provide free gifts from Britney’s storage locker from old tours like t-shirts and wristbands. The family does request that if you take photos with the fancy wings from one of Britney’s tours that you donate $3 to the museum.

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