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Forsand, Norway

This giant boulder is pinched over a 1000-meter abyss by two mountains. 


Hidden in the Norwegian mountains, Kjeragbolten is a place that looks like something from Middle Earth.

Kjeragbolten is a boulder wedged in a mountain crevasse by the edge of the Kjerag mountain in Lysefjord, near Stavanger. You might have seen it in one of the “Where the Hell is Matt” videos, which feature a man doing a crazy dance in dozens of locations around the world.

The boulder itself is a five-cubic-meter large block of stone suspended above 984-meter deep abyss. Despite its impressive appearance, it is easily accessible on foot without any special equipment. The whole of Kjerag mountain is a popular hiking area, and Kjeragbolten is a favorite photo spot.

Apparently, for some the thrill of standing on a boulder suspended between two cliffs isn’t quite enough, as Kjeragbolten has become a very popular spot for base jumpers to use when launching themselves into the air.

The hike up can be somewhat challenging for non-experienced hikers. It is not appropriate for small children. Good hiking shoes/boots are recommended. Also, bring plenty of water and sunscreen, as there are no trees to shelter under on the mountains.

Know Before You Go

Take E39 out of Stavanger and head for Ålgård. After passing Ålgård turn left to Sirdalen via Oltedal, Dirdal and Byrkjedal (route 45). At the toll station at Øvstabø turn left for Sinnes, pass Fidjeland and turn left again for Lysebotn. There are also buses running from Stavanger to Øygardstøl operated by Tide Reiser. The hike is open from May to October/November and it’s recommended to go during the summer (from June to September).

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