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Krabi Traffic Lights

Tambon Pak Nam, Thailand

Cavemen, elephants, and eagles greet passengers driving through the town's main intersection. 


The traffic lights along Maharaj Road in Krabi, Thailand, are far more beautiful than your typical illuminated roadside safety feature. Look around the center of the intersection, and you’ll easily spot striking sculptures standing atop the lights.

Drivers (and pedestrians) will notice eagles, an elephant, and an otter; all animals that are considered sacred. You’ll also see something that from a distance resembles a primate. But look closer, and you’ll notice these ape-like fixtures are actually cavemen, carrying “suitcases” that contain the light boxes.

The prehistoric men are meant to be an ode to the town’s ancient ancestors. Archaeologists have found pottery, stone tools, and rock art within the region’s caves and cliffs. The remains of prehistoric people that date back to about 30,000 years ago were also found in the region, and these sculptures celebrate the discoveries of those long-lost human relatives.

Know Before You Go

Krabi is a beautiful, little city to spend a day or two. Take a ferry across the river to a small indigenous community, and enjoy a beautiful, lively night market with stage entertainment.

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