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Kubur Kassim Cemetery

Old Muslim cemetery and resting place of folkloric creatures 


Kubur Kassim graveyard dates back to the early 19th century and has served as a burial ground for generations of Muslims in Singapore. The cemetery has witnessed the interment of individuals from various backgrounds, including early settlers, pioneers, and notable figures from the Muslim community.

The graveyard is a serene and solemn place, marked by rows of simple gravestones adorned with traditional Islamic inscriptions. The vegetation is also very flourishing and wild there, with big trees all around.

However, it is worth noting that the Kubur Kassim Cemetery also carries intriguing legends and superstitions that have captured the imagination of many. Situated in the neighborhood of Siglap, which translates to “dark one” in Malay, the cemetery has acquired a reputation for mysterious occurrences. It is said that the area earned its name after a peculiar eclipse event that took place in 1821. These tales have contributed to the cemetery’s allure and the prevalence of ghost stories and urban legends associated with it.

Legends persist of supernatural beings haunting the grounds, such as the Pocong and Pontianak. The cemetery’s mystical ambiance supposedly even inspired the 1957 Malay film Pontianak, with some scenes shot in nearby areas.

What makes the Kubur Kassim Cemetery even more intriguing are the tales surrounding the Orang Bunian, mythological humanoid beings believed to dwell hidden from human sight. According to local lore, dedicated tombs honoring the Orang Bunian are said to exist within the cemetery, awaiting those with a keen eye and patient exploration.

These legends and stories add an extra layer of fascination to the historical and cultural significance of the Kubur Kassim graveyard. It continues to be a site where the past converges with myth, capturing the imagination and curiosity of those who venture into its hallowed grounds.


Know Before You Go

The cemetery is always open and can be freely visited. It can be easily accessed by MRT and bus. Please be respectful while visiting the ground.

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