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Dedicated to the 600-million-year evolution of life and human culture, Zurich’s Kulturama provides a vast display of all kinds of objects related to the natural history of animals, plants, and the planet itself. A special light is shed on the miracle of the human body, illustrated by the museum’s unique collection of skeletons.

One exhibit illustrates the evolution of humankind through models of the human brain; cultural and ethnological artifacts; astonishingly realistic reconstructions of early hominids; as well as mummies, artsy moulages, and several human skeletons—some carefully posed as if they are dancing ballet, sprinting, or caring for children. Nearby, the preserved skeletons of several animals show the anatomical differences and similarities between the species.

Overall the exhibition, which spans three floors, surprises visitors with spectacular fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, a vast range of taxidermy animals, medical and biological models from different epochs, and liquid preservations like the spectacular sei whale heart that measures nearly 3 feet in height.

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The museum is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The special exhibitions are only accessible on weekends, apart from guided tours.

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