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Located in a disused train station straddling the abandoned Petite Ceinture, La REcyclerie prides itself on an eco-friendly ethos of upcycling and reuse, which is a stark contrast to the other posh eateries in the area.

La REcyclerie has devoted itself to those three famous R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. The site offers locally produced food and products that encourage customers to take part in environmentally sound practices in their own life. In addition to its culinary roots, the center, which boasts eight separate spaces in the fully repurposed train station they call home, also offers classes that teach DIY and creative skills ranging from theater to gardening to cooking. The site also plays host to such community building events as seed swaps, readings, and concerts.

While most visitors and tourists to Paris are crowding bistros and bourgeois restaurants, La REcyclerie gives people an alternative that shows a side of Paris that most people don’t associate with the city. The center is also planning on instituting an urban garden complete with goats and chickens, adding an even more vibrant sense of local sustainability to an already Earth-friendly bastion.

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