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Labyrinthe des Dragons

Safari de Peaugres
Peaugres, France

One of the greatest maze designer’s greatest mazes. 


Adrian Fisher has designed mazes across the world and is particularly well-known for his mirror mazes. Installed everywhere from Japan to the Wisconsin Dells, Fisher has confused and frustrated patrons throughout his entire career.

With a firm belief in the excitement of being lost in a maze, Fisher has designed mazes in 30 countries, and is credited with inventing the corn maze. Along with his successes in outdoor labyrinths, since 1990, Fisher has focused his time on mirror mazes, which he considers the most challenging and filled with seemingly endless corridors. While most mazes simply have a right or wrong turn and a few dead ends, in mirror mazes “Most of the false turns are actually impossible journeys through a sheet of glass.”

In 1994, Fisher designed the mirror maze in Peaugres Safari Park, which he named Labyrinthe des Dragons. The maze was constructed with angled mirrors to give the impression of endless possibilities, and reflect the lost maze adventurer. As a quirky addition, Fisher also installed live fish tanks in the maze. When reflected, the fish add a layer of movement, further confusing those wandering the labyrinth.

Throughout his career, Fisher has set a number of world records and is considered an innovator in his field. He has built half of the world’s mirror mazes and has had his hand in mazes across the world for the last 35 years.

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The labyrinth is approximately 45 minutes south of Lyon and two hours north of Marseille.

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