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Largest Pancake Griddle In the World

Penn Yan, New York

This oversize piece of novelty cookware once cooked the largest pancake in the world. 


Breaking a dubious record is a sure-fire way drum up tourism and it was with this in mind that the Birkett Mills company built the Largest Pancake Griddle In the World.

Constructed in 1987, the 28 foot diameter metal pan was used to cook the largest pancake the world had ever seen. Made of buckwheat, the flapjack batter was supposedly mixed in a cement mixer and flipped over using a crane. The giant griddle was placed over a bed of hot stones and once the bottom of the breakfast cake was cooked, the huge cooking utensil was covered and raised off the ground where the whole thing was flipped over before being lowered back to the ground. The giant black pan is now on public display outside of the Birkett Mills facility where tourists still flock to get their pictures with the huge utensil. 

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