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Legendary Safari Club

Milwaukie, Oregon

Hunting trophies decorate Oregon's most unique bar-restaurant. 

Sorry, Legendary Safari Club is permanently closed.

This unique bar-restaurant features safari animals collected by big game hunter Glen Park, from over 23 hunting expeditions in six different countries. The animals make the place one-of-a-kind, with tigers, bears, lions and other vicious animals fixed in a perpetual battle scene. 

In 2011 the place was bought and turned into a Chinese restaurant. As a result of the negotiations, most of the animals remained in their indoor dwellings but mostly behind doors closing them off from the public. Over time many of the trophies were damaged, or vandalized from people swiping their claws. Feeling that a Chinese restaurant wasn’t an appropriate setting for the exotic animals, Cindy Smith bought the Safari Club and relocated it from Estacada, Oregon to Oak Grove. 

The plaque made for the Safari Club in 1970 says, “this is the only one of its type in the world today,” and it remains as original today as it was 40 years ago.

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