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Libassa Ecolodge

This Liberian resort offers comfort, ecofriendly hospitality, and a mission of sustainability. 


No palm trees were harmed in the making of Libassa Ecolodge, a sustainable resort nestled amid a palm-forested lagoon in Liberia.

Built on a foundation of conservationist principles, Libassa Ecolodge endeavors to strike a chord of harmony between visitors and the environment through sustainable practices, education, and mindfulness.

A fleet of solar-powered huts comprise the on-site accommodations, which range from the most basic Palaver Hut, a traditional Liberian abode housing a double bed and balcony and constructed with local materials, to the Mangrove Lodge, which hovers over the lagoon with a queen-sized bed, a private pool, and balcony. 

Regardless of how luxurious your lodgings are, each hut is limited to 200 watts of electricity per room, used only in limited amounts via certified low-energy bulbs and appliances. Water use in each hut is restricted, food is composted, and all paper and plastic products must be recycled. For every tree used to build the huts, at least one new seedling was planted in its stead; and none of the surrounding palm trees were cut down to make way for the resort.

On-site recreational activities are equally low-impact and include a small mini golf course, badminton and beach volleyball courts, a ping pong table, diving, snorkeling, bodyboarding, canoeing, horseback riding, and archery.

To cultivate awareness of local cultures and the ecosystem, Libassa Ecolodge also offers a restaurant that serves up West African cuisine, the opportunity to partake in African and Latin dance lessons, a tranquil wander through a manicured botanical garden, and an animal sanctuary. The lodge aims to become 100 percent renewable through solar and wind power.

Know Before You Go

Accommodations can be reserved on Libassa Ecolodge’s website. Visitors should be aware that the road past Kpan's Town near the resort is only drivable by all-terrain vehicle.

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