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Lisakovsk Pentagram

Denisov District, Kazakhstan

An abandoned Soviet-era park that, when viewed from the air, looks like a pentagram. 


Viewed from above, this Soviet-era park appears like a satanic sign.

However, the pentagram was popular symbol with the Soviets, and is an ancient symbol with many associations over time, not just those that are devilish. Yet it does seem like an eerie place, all windswept and isolated out along a peninsula into the Upper Tobol Reservoir of Kazakhstan.

The nearest city is Lisakovsk, 12 miles to the east. Until 1991 with its dissolution, Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union and the pentagram is likely the beginnings of a summer camp, although they only ever got to the now overgrown, ominous roads that remained etched in the earth, visible on Google Earth to the curious armchair traveler on the watch for conspiracy. 

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