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Little World Museum of Man

Inuyama-shi, Japan

An anthropological theme park that depicts the cultures of around 20 different countries. 


Little World’s path is only about a mile and a half long, but along that short walk are houses from more than 20 different countries. At this open-air theme park, founded in 1970, visitors can travel all around the world in just a few hours.

While most of the houses were painstakingly recreated according to their national style, some were taken directly from their country of origin and relocated to Little World. They represent traditional and indigenous dwellings from different cultures across the globe.

The tent section contrasts the temporary dwellings of the Swedish Sami, American Plains Indians, Moroccan Berbers, Mongolian nomads, and the Kenyan Rendille. An entire Kassena mud compound from Burkina Faso sits nearby. A gorgeous Nepalese Buddhist monastery offers guests a tranquil place to rest on their world tour.

Upon entering the park, visitors can purchase a passport to have stamped at each of the “countries” they visit. The interior details are intricate and authentic, filled with all the items that would be have been found in, for an example, a traditional Italian Alberobello cottage or a Micronesian Yap house.  Some of the houses even have national costumes available to try on for added immersion.

Performers will demonstrate traditional music, dance, and craft workshops. But the best part may be the restaurants, where ethnic cuisine from all of the 20+ countries represented is available, and then some. The African Plaza even offers ostrich and alligator meat.

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