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Liverpool, England

Liverpool Central Library Entrance Riddle

The red letters in the literary pavement leading to the library form a mysterious code. 

The entrance path to Liverpool’s new Central Library is a 72-foot-long walkway engraved with famous titles from books, cinema, and music. The white names contrast with the gray granite, and you can’t help but notice a seemingly random sprinkling of red letters hidden among the words.

The red letters form a puzzle, a mystery code purposefully embedded in the pavement to pique the curiosity of visitors. The library has never revealed the answer to the red letter riddle; that’s up to visitors to figure it out. Crack the code by placing all the red letters in order. Together, they form the clue.

Secret codes aside, library itself is a gem of the city, situated between the World Museum and Walker Art Gallery. The magnificent old Victorian architecture is juxtaposed with a modern, renovated space. The collection holds tomes dating back 800 years, including some British gems such as handwritten letters by Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and Florence Nightingale, and a childhood essay by Paul McCartney. 

Know Before You Go

Located at the entrance to the library.