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Lofoten Krigsminnemueum (Lofoten War Memorial Museum)

Vågan, Norway

A comprehensive collection of Nazi artifacts, including a painting believed to be by Hitler. 


While there are many museums dedicated to World War II, few have the breadth of Nazi artifacts presented in this museum. The institution also houses many items from the Norwegian resistance to Nazi occupation, as well as the toll their rule inflicted on the Norwegian people.

The collection includes Nazi tree ornaments and dozens of Nazi uniforms, medals, and small arms. It even houses a purse which purportedly belonged to Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler’s partner.

There is also a painting believed to be by Hitler himself, along with several of his drawings that were found in a house in Germany. The drawings are of characters from Disney movies, which were hidden behind the watercolor painting, possibly shortly after America joined the war.

Know Before You Go

The cost is 100kr for adults and 30kr for children. The museum's hours can be somewhat eclectic, so it's best to check before you plan your visit.

The labels and stories are engaging and avoid being too dry, however many of the translations are somewhat variable in quality. Translations are in English, French, and German. While not thoroughly covered, they are enough to not be frustrated.