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Oberursel, Germany

Lutheran School of Theology - Lutherische Theologische Hochschule

Germany's tiniest institution of education. 

In Oberursel near Frankfurt, the Lutheran Church of Germany runs one of the smallest universities on the smallest campus in the country.

The Lutherische Theologische Hochschule Oberursel (LThH) was founded in 1948 following the demise of two prior universities in Eastern Germany at the hands of World War II. Since 1955, the State of Hessen has recognized LThH as a fully recognized research university that focuses on theology and biblical languages.

The tiny university is housed on a romantically scenic campus in the woods bordering the city of Oberursel, and has about 35 students. Like most other institutes of higher education, most of the students and the staff reside on the grounds of the teensy campus. Since 1955, LThH has supported the studies of a mere 1,300 students.

Know Before You Go

The Campus is freely accessible. Visitors are generally welcome. There is a playground and a picnic area just across the gate.

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