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Meggen Lawn Cross

Argenbühl, Germany

This mysterious cross appeared on a farmer's lawn in 1972 and has been attracting pilgrims ever since. 


The German priest Augustinus Hieber said in 1968 that after his death a wonder would happen.

It took 4 years, but on June 30, 1972, a farmer discovered a spot without grass on his field despite having put fertilizer there. Later, a boy pointed out to the farmer that a cross some 3.3 meters long and 1.6 meters wide had taken shape on the spot.

Their are many possible explanations for the cross, but - according to investigations by Hohenheim University - no chemical or physical influence has been identified.

The bit of lawn on which the cross is found has been placed under a protective cage decorated with religious symbols. It is visited by an average of 150 persons per day, who hope to find healing and inspiration from the cross-shaped grass.

The lawn cross is not recognized by the Diocese of Rottenburg as an official miracle.

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