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Metal zoo (Kovozoo)

Staré Město, Czechia



The name of the zoo is Kovozoo. The word “kov” means metal in Czech and indeed, all the animals here are made of metal and scrap. But do not think that they are just random patchworks which do not look like real animals. It is not like that at all! At the very beginning of this idea, they had invited some experts – blacksmiths – who created the first animals for this unique zoo. All exhibits are perfectly worked out, with all details and life-sized. They really look like their twins in nature. The rhino Norbert weighs 5 t and the giraffes are 5 m high.

There are already almost 250 animals here and some new exhibits are produced every year – in a birth center! But instead of medical instruments, they use welding machines, grinders, hammers and other blacksmith’s tools.

The original idea was to build a recycling ecological center where people could bring useless waste.

There is also airplane L-610, the first prototype made at order from the former Soviet Union. It flew for the first time in 1988 and later was rescued from scrapping and moved to the zoo.