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Meteorological Pillar of the 19th Century

The beautiful, ornate weather station is the most popular geocache in Salzburg. 


A beautiful example of artistry and science is located in a corner of the Alter Markt (Old Market) of Salzburg. The tiny weather station is covered in splendid, ornate decor.

The pillar looks as though it belongs in a palace rather than out on the street. Gold Baroque flourishes adorn the base, sides, and top. Intricate details, including little sculptures, carvings, and a weather vane crown the structure.

Measuring devices on the three sides give the temperature, the barometric pressure, and the humidity of Salzburg. A bronze plaque on the lower portion of one side lists the altitude as being 425.25 meters (1395.18 feet) above the Adriatic Sea.

According to its plaque, the column is titled the Meteorological Pillar of the 19th century and dates to 1888. It was given to the city by the Stadtverein Salzburg, a civic association responsible for urban development. It’s now the most popular geocache in Salzburg and also the second most popular in all of Austria.

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