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Mexico Me Encanta! Miniature Museum

This detailed miniature model covers all aspects of life in a small Mexican village.  


The miniature museum “México Me Encanta” (I Love Mexico), created by Tere Cisneros is a monumental model divided into parts that show some aspects of life in the little village of Tequisquiapan.

The model, created by local woman Tere Cisneros is a faithful and playful portrayal of her Mexican village. It began as a simple little nacimiento, a Mexican nativity scene, and has grown over its 30 years of existence to its current size of a literally small village.  

There is a market with stalls of fruits, cakes, tacos, and even marble carving, an important profession in this part of Mexico. The biggest part of the model are a water park, a circus, a church in the middle of a saint celebration, and a parade with scenes from Mexican history alongside the carnival rides. There is also a cemetery in the midst of a wake complete with a Day of the Dead ofrenda, a serenade, a huapango dancing contest, a Mexican “posada” Christmas scene, and even a birthday party.

Many of the tiny objects in the miniature model were found in shops, but all the things that couldn’t be found in the shops were hand-crafted at the museum. The models are chock full of everyday objects and detail down to the magazines in the hairdressing salon, the sodas at the village shop, the toilet paper at the public toilets, and even a little market with trinkets made of marble, leather, brass, or stone.

All the models are accompanied by a detailed description of the scene. The museum also offers tours and games for kids.

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