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Military Aviation Museum

A museum dedicated exclusively to aircraft used in the military. 


There are a lot of museums dedicated to aviation, and a lot of museums dedicated to the military, both subjects tending to attract avid collectors and enthusiasts. This museum in Virginia Beach offers the best of both worlds, so warplane buffs, head to Virginia and go nuts.

Dedicated to military aircraft from the World Wars, this museum houses one of the largest private collections of historical aircraft in the world. But this is no hangar full of rusty buckets-of-bolts – each plane has been lovingly restored, using original parts or replicas to bring them back to their former glory.

This results in a captivating and beautiful display of planes as they were when they first rolled out of the factory. In fact, they have been so beautifully and meticulously restored that the planes are in working order and are demonstrated during air shows. 

The museum is active in building and acquiring new aircraft for their collection, and visitors are implored to check back regularly for new features and exhibits to be gawked at and fawned over.

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