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Washington, D.C.

minibar by Jose Andres

Truly adventurous food from one of America's most innovative chefs. 

Jose Andres is the top chef and proprietor of a growing empire of restaurants throughout Washington DC, but Minibar is the only place where he truly indulges his creativity, and indulge he does.

Every night, Minibar serves a tasting menu drawn from the ranks of molecular gastronomy. Recent dishes include: a red sangria made into a “slushie” using liquid nitrogen, with a garnish of a partially frozen cube of watermelon; a mojito served as a sphere through the miracle of chemistry; and chicken wings cooked with a blowtorch immediately before serving.

Reservations are notoriously difficult to obtain–only 12 people are served per night, in two groups of six, and all 12 seats are usually filled within 15 minutes of their being opened (exactly one month before the actual meal). It’s not for everyone, but Minibar is a place to experience some truly unique foods.

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