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Moccasin Bar

Gambling, boozing, and yodeling animals cover the walls of this dive bar cum natural history museum. 


You never know who you’ll run into after downing a few pints in a strange dive bar, but Wisconsin’s Moccasin Bar might be the only watering hole where you can run into yodeling chipmunks and boxing raccoons.

Home to the third largest “muskie” in the world, the bar has a staggering menagerie of taxidermied animals getting up to all manner of hijinks. Among the many scenes encased in the glass boxes that cover nearly every inch of the bar’s wall are a woodland poker game with a cheating rabbit, a courtroom with a judicial wolf as judge, and a boxing scene that sees a beaver declaring the winner. The bar is a favorite for the local fishermen who are always trying to hook a fish that will knock the Moccasin’s prize catch down to third largest in the world.

With the cheap drinks, and nearly every kind of small forest animal stuffed and mounted, the only thing the Moccasin Bar doesn’t provide for its patrons is pink elephants.

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