Molli Steam Tram – Bad Doberan, Germany - Atlas Obscura

One of the few remaining steam trains in regular use, the Molli is unique in that while within city limits it runs on city streets like a tram.

Molli is the nickname of the Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn Molli train which runs on 900 mm gauge from Bad Doberan to Heiligendamm, the oldest narrow gauge railway on the Baltic coast.

Molli started life 1886, and runs right through towns on its 15.4 kilometer route on tram-like tracks.

Molli runs between Heiligendamm and Kühlungsborn, near the beach, and between Heiligendamm and Bad Doberan parallel to an alley.

The most interesting section is in Bad Doberan, where its rails lay in Goethestrasse like the rails of a tramway on a road. The route is very picturesque, making it a local tourist attraction.

There is a Molli Museum at the railway terminal at Kühlingsborn West.

The trip from Heiligendamm to Bad Doberan (or in the opposite direction) takes 40 minutes.

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