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Monopoly in the Park

The largest permanent Monopoly board makes one of the longest games even bigger. 


Located in San Jose, California’s Discovery Meadow, near a children’s museum is the Monopoly in the Park board, the largest permanent version of the game in the world, which should be perfect for anyone who thought the regular size version didn’t cause enough conflict.

Built in 1992 as part of an exhibition for the San Francisco Landscape and Design Show, the massive board is made of granite slabs and covers over 900 square feet in the park. Each of the massive corner slabs weighs in at almost 250 pounds, while each of the regular spaces, while smaller, still tips the scales at around 140 pounds. There are also massive ornamental dice installed on the grounds to complete the feel of being a Lilliputian who wandered into a giant’s game night.

Perhaps most surprising of all, is that the game is entirely playable. The board can be rented via its website, and players are given giant playing dice, and hats shaped like the various pieces. It’s like that final scene in Harry Potter where they have to play chess for their lives except it’s, y’know, Monopoly. And lest players take a million years to complete the giant game, or tear each other apart after a bad deal, a banker, coordinator, and announcer help keep the game on the rails.

Whether or not Monopoly is your thing, you’ve gotta love a board game that makes you feel as overwhelmed as actual real estate deals do.   

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