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Mont Saint-Michel de Brasparts

Saint-Rivoal, France

An isolated 17th-century chapel on a remarkable site once dedicated to Celtic sun worship.  


Not to be confused with the more famous Mont Saint-Michel, this old, dormant volcano was originally named Menez Kronan, after the Druid god of life. It’s one of the seven sacred hills of the ancient Armorica region of France

The summit was once the site of an old Celtic temple dedicated to worshipping the sun. In the 1600s, plans were made to construct a Christian chapel at the site. The new house of worship was dedicated to Saint Michael (Saint Michel in French), the archangel, for his protection against the dragon, which, according to some theories, may symbolize the mountain’s volcanic past.

The chapel fell into disrepair after the French Revolution. However, it was rebuilt in 1820 and remained a somewhat popular spot among the shepherds who frequented the area. During World War II, German forces who occupied France built a radio-navigation system atop the mountain to aid their bombers.

Now, the chapel perched on Mont Saint-Michel de Brasparts is largely unused, although druids do occasionally gather and hold ceremonies nearby. The summit offers unparalleled views of the surrounding peat bogs and Lake Brennilis.

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