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Murphy, Idaho

Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area

Rare and gorgeous birds abound in this protected wildlife sanctuary. 

The Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area is an area spanning 485,000 acres, and is reserved for the preservation of birds of prey.

This National Conservation Area boasts one of the highest concentrations of nesting raptors on the planet. With more than 700 pairs of raptors and 16 different nesting species, wildlife enthusiasts and ornithophiles are sure to be in heaven here.

The Snake River area is also commonly used by nine other raptor species for hunting. Not only does the area have precious natural resources, but also very significant ecological virtues. Visitors need do nothing more than scan the blue sky above to see hawks, eagles, falcons, owls, and any number of other species in their natural environment.

Visitors to the conservation area can enjoy plenty of traditional outdoor activities, such as boating, hiking, auto touring, and even hunting so long as regulations are followed. All these are set against the backdrop of a truly beautiful and unspoiled wilderness locale.

However, don’t expect the birds to hang out with you if you decide to visit them. They usually try to keep their distance, and they are in their natural state as they would normally be – they aren’t captive, and thus are usually only seen at a distance, if at all.

Know Before You Go

Located 15 miles south of Boise.