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Mount Arvon

Skanee, Michigan

The honor of highest point in Michigan was almost given to the wrong peak before this mountain won out by 11 inches. 


In a maze of logging roads in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan stands Mount Arvon, the state’s highest point at 1,979 feet above sea level. However, until recently, another peak nearby was thought to have that title.

The Huron Mountains are well-eroded peaks from the Precambrian period, and their tops have been worn smooth. A neighboring peak of Mount Arvon, Mount Curwood was listed as the highest point in the state until a 1982 survey found that Arvon was a mere 11 inches higher. Some maps to this day may list Curwood as the state’s pinnacle.

Reaching the scenic peak is thankfully not too challenging. Due to logging activity, the roads may change on the approach, but signs have been posted along the route from Ravine River Road onward. If some upstanding member of the community has taken them down, a copy of the latest directions can be received from the Baraga County Tourism office in L’Anse. The roads are only suitable for a two-wheel-drive passenger car if the roads are dry. Otherwise, a four-wheel-drive vehicle will be necessary. From the parking lot, it’s a short hike to the summit glade, where some trees have been cut to allow a view of Lake Superior.

Know Before You Go

From Main Street in L'Anse, MI, turn on to Skanee Road and go 16.1 miles to Roland Lake Road. Turn south and go 3 miles to Ravine River Road, then follow the blue signs to the parking lot, and hike a half mile to the summit. These roads are dirt and used by heavy logging trucks. A passenger car will likely not make it if the roads are wet.If coming from the south (Marquette) you will also be traveling on dirt roads, with no gas stations for over an hour any direction.

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