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Mox Boarding House

A busy cafe better known for board games than food. 


Despite Cafe Mox’s serene atmosphere, the Seattle eatery is better known for its hard-core gaming.

Cafe Mox is a board-gamer’s heaven. Named after a set of cards in the Magic: The Gathering game (invented in Seattle), the gaming parlour was built out of love for craft beer and board games. The full-service bar/cafe is stocked with an impressive variety of local beers and serves gourmet comfort food. The kicker: diners are encouraged to borrow and play games during their meal. 

The cafe is adjoined by Card Kingdom, a prodigious gaming emporium (owned by the cafe owner’s brother) which offers a selection of around a thousand games and is lavishly decorated with card chandeliers and murals of the brothers’ favorite gaming characters. It also hosts major competitions in its tournament room which seat up to 50 gamers. Stop in and come burn your brain playing Set!

Together this restaurant and gamer’s paradise gives a whole new meaning to “playing with your food.”

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