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New Orleans, Louisiana

Séance Room at Muriel's Jackson Square

The restaurant keeps a hidden séance room on the second floor and reserves a table for the spirit of the former owner each night.  

New Orleans is no stranger to paranormal activity and or classic Creole fare. Muriel’s Jackson Square just happens to serve a generous helping of both.

At this French Quarter restaurant, patrons dine amongst the spirits of New Orleans’ past. Before serving up plates of goat cheese crepes, the building was believed to have served as a holding facility for slaves being put up for auction in the early 1700s. Then in 1788, The Great New Orleans Fire struck and partially destroyed the original building. The new owner, Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, spent several years restoring the property and transforming it into a home for his family. In 1814 he lost his beloved home in a game of poker and before being forced to vacate the premises, committed suicide on the second floor of the house.

In the year 2001, after several changes in ownership, Muriel’s Jackson Square opened its doors to the public maintaining the original design of the building. After experiencing much paranormal activity (particularly on the second floor where Jourdan had taken his own life) the restaurant converted the second floor into a séance room where the ghost of Jourdan is believed to spend most of his time.

Patrons and employees of Muriel’s have reported seeing objects being moved around the room, sudden shattering of glasses and unidentified voices on the second floor. The owners of the establishment maintain that the spirits present in the building are completely harmless and even entertaining. They welcome the spirits of the building to dine with them harmoniously and even reserve a table for the spirit of Mr. Jourdan every night, complete with an offering of wine and bread.

Know Before You Go

Although Muriel’s embraces the paranormal eccentricities of the building, they do not explicitly advertise it. If you would like to view the séance rooms or Jourdan’s table, simply ask one of the restaurant staff members. You can also book Jourdan's table for yourself, for a nominal up-charge ... after he's through with his meal, of course.

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