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Murray Bridge Bunyip

Murray Bridge, Australia

An animatronic tribute to a legendary half-man, half-fish creature.  


To the local people of Aboriginal descent, the Ngarrindjeri people, the Bunyip is a thing of legend. Stories describe a fisherman who was greedy and catching more fish than needed, drying out the river. Local elders were displeased with this selfish character who was not respecting the rules of fishing.

As punishment, the man was turned into a half-man, half-fish creature and banished to the depths of the river. The tale has played a role in educating children about the dangers of swimming alone and not taking more fish than needed. Disobey these rules and the Bunyip will drag the unfortunate to the depths of the ocean.

As a tribute to this legend, an animatronic Bunyip was created at the edge of the Murray River which runs through Murray Bridge, a more rural Australian town. The exhibit was created in 1972 and was given a makeover in 2018. The Bunyip lies in its cavern layer and when visitors press the button at the side, the creature will rise from the water and let out a roar. The noise and appearance are rather creepy, making this a very unique attraction.

Know Before You Go

There is plenty of free parking on the road not far from the Bunyip’s layer. The Bunyip is free of charge. When you press the button, the Bunyip will rise twice from the depths. There is a 5-minute delay to activate the Bunynip again. 

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