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Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

Museum of the Flat Earth

This quirky museum will make you question everything, including the shape of the planet. 

Fittingly located on what some claim is a corner of the Flat Earth, this museum challenges visitors to leave what they think they know at the door. The museum is essentially an artistic experiment in critical thinking. It prompts visitors to question everything, including the shape of the planet.

That’s basically the entire aim of this particular brand of Flat Earth thinking—to question things people take for granted, to question sources of information, and to challenge junk science. It instigates critical thinking and disrupts expectations and rigid judgment.

The history and practice of the Flat Earth society within Canada has always been about questioning. The Flat Earth Society of Canada, which was established in 1970, differed from other Flat Earther groups. Rather than promote pseudoscience theories about the world’s shape, this particular society instead used the concept of Flat Earth thinking as a way to investigate and promote critical thinking and media literacy.

The Museum of the Flat Earth takes a page from the defunct society’s book. Its artifacts and the information it contains represent over a decade of research and exploration pertaining to ideas about Flat Earth lore and culture. Scan its shelves, and you’ll find anything from artifacts from the original Flat Earth Society of Canada to anti-globular “evidence.” Through its evolving displays and an annual visiting artist program, it continues to elaborate on Flat Earth concepts and connections.

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