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These unique sculptures form a musical ensemble of recycled metal.  


Located just over a mile from the city center, visitors to Eko Park Ilina Voda will find several unique sculptures made of recycled metal.

The creator of these works of art, Milovan Pavlović Mipa, dubbed his creations “Muzikanti”, or “Musicians”. Each one of the unique designs appears to be playing a different musical instrument. To create these works of art, Mipa utilized screws, cogwheels, springs, and many other parts from old machines. 

Mipa was one of the founders of Eko Park Ilina Voda in 1997, since his house and atelier were located nearby. Besides “Muzikanti” and the zoo, Eko Park is also home to a famous easter egg monument called “Vaskrs”, a hotel for insects, paved pedestrian walkways, benches, playgrounds, and fountains. 

Know Before You Go

The "Muzikanti" are located in Eko Park Ilina Voda. 

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