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Nettilling Lake

This landlocked lake is the world's largest on an island. 


While it does spend a fair amount of time as ice, Nettilling Lake on Baffin Island is the largest lake that graces an island setting. At 5,542 square kilometers with a maximum length of 123km, it is also the largest lake in the territory of Nunavut, the 11th largest in Canada, and 30th largest in the world.

Baffin Island carries its own fancy title as the 5th largest island on Earth.

There isn’t much animal life in it, with only three fish species ever recorded (two types of stickleback and arctic char). It’s named after the ringed seals that visit the lake, although they are uncommon. The lake is, however, an important ecosystem for caribou, who feed and calve near its shores.

Nettilling Lake is part of the Great Plain of the Koukdjuak, which is considered an important area for bird migration and is home to the largest goose colony in the world.

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