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Never Again Statue

A unique, eye-catching statue that carries an important message of hope. 


Inscribed on the base of this unique statue are the words “Never Again!” It stands as a reminder to the horrors of slavery faced by the people who once lived in this region of the country. 

This eye-catching statue is located on the mainland of The Gambia, facing the Kunta Kinteh Island. The island was once a key location during the Atlantic Slave Trade. Enslaved people were often imprisoned on the island before being transported to the United States. The statue serves as a reminder of the darker side of humanity, but also stands as a sign of hope. 

Though slavery existed in Africa before Europeans arrived, the demand for enslaved people in the European colonies of the Western Hemisphere greatly expanded the African slave trade beyond taking people captive in war. Central Africa lost as much as one-third of its population during the early years of colonial rule.

The voyage of enslaved people from the west coast of Africa to the Americas was known as the Middle Passage. Enslaved people endured traumatic conditions on slavers’ ships, including cramped quarters, disease, meager rations, and physical and sexual assault. 

The statue depicts a humanoid figure, arms aloft in triumph, relishing in the freedom from slavery. Chains hang from the arms, symbolizing breaking free from the servitude of slavery. The head of the statue represents the planet earth, a symbol perhaps of a free and fair world. 

This statue encapsulates the feeling of freedom enslaved people felt when they were finally released from bondage. The statue is also a symbol of hope for a better world.

Know Before You Go

Consider visiting the statue along with a trip to the Slavery Museum and the Kunta Kinteh Island.

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