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Nick Drake's Grave

Church of St. Mary Magdalene
Tanworth in Arden, England

The gravestone of a delicate singer-songwriter bears a fittingly introspective epitaph. 


In his lifetime, English singer-songwriter Nick Drake did not see much success for his expressive, emotionally raw music, but his gentle tunes eventually grew in popularity, making his gravesite a place of pilgrimage for fans. 

Not much is known of the end of Nick Drake’s life other than he had moved back in with his parents, retreating from a seemingly uncaring audience. A lifelong depression sufferer, Drake eventually overdosed on anti-depressants in 1974. Although there is no evidence that his death was a suicide, it is widely accepted to be the case given the nature of his illness. Drake was buried in a plot beneath an oak tree, along with his mother and father, and all three share a simple headstone with an epitaph taken from the final song on his final album stating, “Now we rise / And we are everywhere.” This hopeful verse on his spare gravestone is a fitting reflection of the man’s whispered music and short life.   

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