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Time-frozen department store of dangerous and dusty relics. 


The tube socks and termite acne suffered by the mannequins at Nightingale-Olympic suggest a particular era, but you’ll be lost in their million yard gaze before you can calculate just when that might be.

Go ahead inside and, well… shop? Poke around, but is any of it for sale? The curving sweep of the grand staircase brings you to the fitness, taxidermy, and music “departments.”

Behold minute individual differences in the array of fat melting belt vibrators, lathe machines, electric guitars, xylophones, mysterious lock boxes, lawn chairs and free weight bench press still in plastic.

Don’t linger too long, the beauty parlor, automated leg gyrator, and still more time-frozen curios await you upstairs.

Know Before You Go

Chao Phraya Express Pier: Saphun Phut Near Pahurat Road

Note: No photography allowed inside the building!

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