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Noisy Castle is permanently closed.

Noisy Castle

Houyet, Belgium

Despite the misleading name, this crumbling palace has been abandoned for decades. 


Built in 1866 in Belgium , Miranda Castle (or as it would be better known later, Noisy Castle) was once an opulent abode for French aristocrats on the run from the revolution occurring in their home country, but after changing hands a number of times down the decades, the once glorious estate has curdled into a haunting shell of its former self.

The castle was originally commissioned by the Liedekerke-Beaufort family to replace their former castle, which they had had to flee thanks to angry commoners. The family occupied the lush Victorian palace up until World War II when the building was taken over by a Belgian railway company who inexplicably turned the aging manse into an orphanage which was likely one of the more terrifying homes for parentless children in the history of terrible foster houses.It was during the estate’s tenure as a children’s home that the site earned the name, “Noisy Castle.” However the orphanage was moved from the space in 1980 and after remaining in light use until 1991, the castle was finally abandoned.

Since its desertion, the once lavish house has fallen into complete disrepair. Floor tiles have been removed or stolen, vandals have put holes in the walls and started a few fires, and more than anything, time itself has simply visited mold and decay into every corner of the former Miranda Castle. Now the ruins of the estate are largely frequented by urban explorers and ghost hunters who can’t resist the pull of a former orphanage that was once owned by French dilettantes. Various projects such as hotels and preservation efforts have tried to save the crumbling castle, but the current owners have not been able to make anything stick and the castle is scheduled for demolition, quieting the palace halls for once and all. 

Update 2016: Starting in October 2016, the castle will be totally demolished. Parts of it will be preserved for use in other buildings. 

Update 2017: Noisy Castle has been demolished.  

Know Before You Go

Update from 6th September 2016: The castle seems to be owned by someone at the moment. Guests are kindly advised to visit other castle some kilometres further away. You need to sneak in some other ways, if you dare. There's security guys and cameras.