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Oak Street Alley Murals

This small, unassuming street is now a canvas for color and creativity.  


Wander around the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, and you’ll come across an alley flanked by wonderful, elaborate murals created by local artists.

Some of the images showcase scenes from the city, its history, and its people. Others reference popular culture or reflect the artists’ own unique designs.

Every year, a festival is held to celebrate this street, where artists add new murals to the existing collection. Dozens of artists descend upon the alley, which continues to serve as a canvas for their creativity. It’s a way for the people of Phoenix to bring quite a few splashes of color to their concrete desert oasis.

Know Before You Go

Oak St is easy to miss and can be a tight squeeze for two cars. So, be patient and courteous as people do live there. It's also not the only set of murals you can find. There are quite a number, on people's fences, behind Barrio Cafe, and wrapped around Collector's Marketplace. 

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