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Bolívar, Venezuela

Old DC 3 Plane at Canaima Air Camp

The Canaima airstrip in Venezuela keeps an antique DC 3 plane in its camp. 

The village of Canaima in Venezuela is a hub for planes and travellers looking to explore the Canaima National Park and its incredible waterfall, Angel Falls.

The highest waterfall in the world, it was discovered by Jimmy Angel, an American flyer who was looking for gold at the time. The only way to reach the falls is by air, making the Canaima airstrip a plane-hopping necessity. An old DC 3 plane is kept at the airstrip. The DC-3 is among the only pre-WWII passenger aircraft still in daily use today, though the one at the Canaima Air Camp saw its last flight long ago.

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Know Before You Go

The airstrip is short jeep ride from nearby lodges in Canaima village.

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