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Old San Agustin Aqueduct

Amid lush greenery, a man-made channel peppered with graffiti that dates back to 1881. 


Go against the flow as you hike up a mountain and along the old stone aqueduct that runs down it.

Built in the late 1800s, this aqueduct has supplied the mountainside town of San Agustín Etla with clear, fresh mountain water for decades. In recent years, the infrastructure has grown to include an informal trail alongside the aqueduct. It has become one of the more popular hiking routes in the area, offering a chance to pass by farmsteads filled with grazing herds and climb over crumbling pathways.

In addition to casual hikers and bikers, this route also caters to a more athletic scene: It’s part of the annual “La Carroñera” trail running/mountain biking race. Although it may not earn you any gold medals, a leisurely hike along the sloping path has its own rewards: incredible views of the valley, and close encounters with the region’s amazing biodiversity.

Know Before You Go

Upon arrival, you must register with the water filtration plant located at the start of the hike. The trail involves some narrow walkways and uneven surfaces, and you may encounter wild animals.

The local ecotourist group Coyote Aventuras can offer additional assistance, transportation, and private tours.

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