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Owl Art and Craft Museum

One man's lifetime collection of tiny objects of wisdom gathered from around the world, on display for public enjoyment. 


Officially the “Owl Art and Craft Museum,” this museum houses exclusively owl-related paraphernalia – and lots of it.

Founder Bae Myeonghui began his owl-art-object collection at age 15. Gradually, with help from his friends and family, Bae’s collection grew to include over 2,000 owl-related objects from 70 different countries, including Japan, Poland, Ziimbabwe, and Egypt. Most of the owls are hand-crafted – there are owl paintings, pots, clocks, toys, screens, dishes… name an object that could have an owl on it, and Bae’s got it.

All of these can be seen crowded in glass cases running along the walls of a single room. The Owl Museum was originally a private home, but was eventually converted by Bae and his wife into the museum as it appears today.

Some visitors to the museum may be lucky enough to receive a guided tour from Bae himself. On this tour, Bae will point out some of the most notable of the museum’s owl pieces, informing visitors of their origins and how he came to acquire them.  

Upon entering the museum, guests are offered complimentary tea, just as our wise, winged friends would surely prefer things if they were human.

Know Before You Go

From Anguk Station use exit # 2 and follow Samcheong-dong Road, taking the side street on your right-hand side. Pass the Korea Banking Institute and walk in the direction of Samcheong Park. Look for a sign labeled 차와 부엉이 ("Tea and Owls").
Or: After exiting from Anguk Station Exit 2, take village bus #2 and get off at The Board of Audit and Inspection stop. Walk 300m past Samcheong Park.

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